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“My coaching sessions with you, Ania, have really made me take stock and take a good look at what I need to change, to enable me to be more productive in a day, and address issues which have been at the back of my mind for a long time.  You have a way to encourage and make one feel that nothing is impossible. Your intuition you use is truly a gift you have, as I cant believe how you pick up on so many thoughts and feelings, when you don’t even personally know me or we are not face to face. The world needs more lovely souls like you to help us all move forward with our life’s.  You are a like a much welcome breeze in sweltering heat!, my sincere gratitude and love for all you have done.”
– Bina Sitaram, Supermum/Entrepreneur/Eco-Warrior, Leicester, UK

“I am the strongly rooted tree, that stands the tests of time, continuing to grow, living in harmony with the environment.
Having a vague idea of coaching and understanding it as a support for those who are lost and unable to progress, I was certain I did not need a single session. Then I met Ania who, in her wonderful and professional coaching manner, helped me discover the benefits of looking at my life in depth and from this enlightening point, in which we should all be able to stand, even if just for a while.
Ania has assisted me in increasing my self awareness and equipped me with effective tools and strategies helping me to progress. Through her proficient use of coaching techniques, her awareness, flexibility and interdisciplinary, client oriented approach, Ania has boosted my perspective on life, priorities, as well as my inspiration for growth. I strongly recommend Ania. I could not imagine a better coaching experience.”

–  Justyna Gutowska, Interpreter and Translator, UK

“Even after just a few sessions I’m starting to feel like a different person and feel a lot more future focused and positive about the changes/choices I can make to make me feel more content….so, Thank You!”
–  Charlie Bath, Singer-Songwriter, UK


“There is plenty I have gained from working with Ania, but by far the most powerful realisation was to understand what it is that I hold dearest in my life. That may sound straightforward, but believe me it isn’t. True, we may all have an idea in the back of our mind as to what we require to prosper and function at full capacity. But there is a huge difference between it being buried in the back of your mind versus crystallised into clear bullet-points, written out on paper, and integrated into a functional strategy which will help get you from where you are right now to where you have always desired to be. I truly believe this is where Ania excels. With great skill and wisdom she has guided me from that place of feeling stuck, of knowing I was meant to accomplish more with my life and yet being unsure how to make it happen, towards becoming the very best version of myself. The fact that I personally intend to continue my coaching course with Ania, something I had never before considered because nobody else had been able to truly demonstrate the value of coaching, should be more of a testament to the benefits I’ve already enjoyed during my trial period with Ania, than any of these words.”
– JD van Zyl, Journalist, London

“My experience with Ania was positively fantastic! She’s very easy to talk to, quick to get to the issues and asked great questions that made me think differently. I am so much clearer about the path I want to take and I’m much more positive about it.  I’ve learnt to think differently about past experiences and to re-frame them positively. I’d recommend coaching with Ania to anyone who feels like they really want to make a change in their lives but aren’t quite sure what is stopping them or why that can’t start change moving. Ania, you helped get unstuck. A huge thank you for helping me on my journey.”
– Mike Emery, Entrepreneur, North Yorkshire, UK

“Our sessions are secure places where I can test out things that might go wrong, or might be silly or I change my mind about and I do this with conviction and authenticity – which means that I have made mistakes…but learning that I could/should/will do this for the rest of my life has been hugely valuable!”
– Laura Smith, Head of Reward, London, UK

“I was excited to work with Ania as I saw the changes in a friend who had been working with her and I really wanted that experience! I’d lost my mojo a bit and in several areas of life I felt like I was trudging along a path I didn’t want. Working with Ania has been a springboard to my transformation and the single best thing I did last year. She is kind, yet firm and gets right to the root of a problem. In all areas of my life I’ve made progress that I can sustain, and, very importantly, I cleared the cloud of ‘Hmm, what do I really what to do in my professional life?’ Ania, thank you forever for that!”
– Gurpreet Parmar, Dentist, UK


“Ania coached me with a few very interesting and eye-opening exercises. Since then, I have changed my focus in my work – I loved the kick in the butt! My session with Ania gave me clarity, peace of mind and new ideas. I highly recommend Ania to anyone who wants that too!”
– Maaike van Dijk, Events Manager/Entrepreneur, Nijkerk, Netherlands

“ When I started working with Ania I realised how I was stopping myself from achieving my dreams by attaching to outdated stories I had about myself. Ania helped me to rediscover my voice in the way that I would like to share it with the world. What I liked best about working with Ania is her warm disposition and the fact that I could sense her integrity and a level of trust from our first call. She is naturally intuitive and insightful, tells it like it is and able to quickly cut to the heart of the matter. Thank you very very much for the time you spent with me, Ania. Your perspective has been huge in allowing me to take back my power and shine.”
– Ushmi Dosaja, NLP Coach, Germany


“Ania is a confident coach full of energy. She is able to quickly create an environment of trust, and thus help the client identifying areas for further stretch in leadership. Moreover she has a strongly developed sense of intuition which she manages appropriately in the coaching sessions.”
– Joris Nuijten, Learning Advisor Senior Leadership, The Hague, Netherlands & USA

“I immediately felt a great rapport with Ania and sensed that she got me totally. I am now much more joyful, self-aware, confident, optimistic about my future and grateful for what I have (rather than focussing on what I don’t have). Ania, you hold up a mirror to me so I can see who I am and what I am capable of – you make me see that I am actually quite awesome! A very big thank you!”
– Mui Tsun, Website Wizard/Supermum/Entrepreneur, UK

“I have had a chance to work with Ania on two different occasions and she is amazing at anything she does. She makes you feel as if you have known each other for decades because she is so friendly and genuinely interested in you. In just a few sessions she was able to help me find solutions which are working. I would definitely recommend Ania for anything to do with you transforming your life. Thank you so much Ania!”
– Daniel Norrell, Professional Network Marketer, UK & USA

“I would recommend Ania as a coach anytime and I could not imagine working with anyone else.”
– Anja Buss, London, UK

“You have an incredible ability of going deeper and deeper until you hit the point that really matters, and the best part is that you know when you hit it. I hope you realise how special you are for being able to do that.”
– JD van Zyl, Journalist & Entrepreneur, London, UK

Maike Massute testimonial for Ania Nowicki Transformation Coach

“Ania’s sensitive, refreshingly honest and profound approach to coaching has helped me to feel found. Thank you.”
– Maike Massute, London, UK

“The core of what Ania does is identity-level shift. She has the power to help you dig deep into your soul, pull out your limitations and overcome them. If you’re ready for that kind of change, talk to Ania.”
– Josh Lipovestsky, Student/Entrepreneur, NY, USA

Misia Hewanicka testimonial for Ania Nowicki Transformational Weightloss Coach Vitality and Food

Ania, I want to thank you for the difference you made. You certainly helped me get my life back on track. Thanks to the way you made me feel, the confidence you’ve restored in me, I’m  now happier in my relationship and I’ve also just changed my job!”
– Misia Hewanicka, London, UK

“During my time with Ania she helped me identify several barriers in my life that were holding me back from progressing professionally. Over the last 3 months I have seen my business improve alongside my personal life. Ania is very intuitive which is a very rare gift – she seems to know instinctively how to guide and empower you for future happiness and success. Everyone needs an Ania in their life!”
  – Jennie Collinge, Entrepreneur, UK


Rachel Senbanjo testimonial for Ania Nowicki Transformation Coach

“You have worked wonders with me.” “You have worked wonders with me. I don’t even know where to begin. I didn’t expect to find someone who would invest in me, believe in me and walk beside me as i made the changes in my life that i needed to. You demonstrated passion in issues that were immensely important to me and in doing so reignited my passion in life! I feel happier, more positive about the future and am really looking forward to working with you again!”
– Rachel Senbanjo, UK

“Ania, I just wanted to thank you, I burst into tears after speaking to you (happy tears!) I can’t believe how half an hour can have completely changed my perspective on myself and how I can now move forward – it feels such a relief to finally let go of the troubles of believing I’m not good at what I do. Thank you so, so much, I can’t express how much gratitude I feel.”
– Jessica Chapman, Entrepreneur, The Netherlands

“Ania is like a guardian angel of the soul. She is calm, supportive and encouraging. Our coaching sessions were bespoke, personal and tailored to my needs to really help me find and understand the inner me. Our sessions have helped me to gain confidence which is enabling me to better achieve my maximum potential. I no longer fear failure and now feel calmer and more comfortable being me. Our work together has been an emotional but fascinating, fun and enjoyable journey of self study which has enabled me to gain awareness of my own personal behaviours and habits and then work on techniques to alter these to stop me getting in my own way! I would highly recommend Ania to anyone!”
– Georgina Spencer, Leicestershire, UK


“Ania has been an inspiration for me. She gently holds your hand, listening and quickly getting to the root of the matter. Her personal experiences and ability to heal herself give her an authentic and genuine approach. Her accurate insight into my character and situation enabled her to question, challenge and support me to face my true self. I felt safe standing in front of a metaphorical mirror to really be honest, and very slowly develop skills to change destructive habits. I continue to use these routines more than a year later and feel grateful I have them when things aren’t great.”
– Liz Banks, Bristol, UK


“My calls with Ania always leave me inspired and motivated to make positive and achievable long term changes in my life, and I feel more equipped emotionally and physically to take on life’s challenges.”
– Emily Smith,  Supermum and Entrepreneur London, UK