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The Gateway Coach

Coaching You Through the Gateway to the Life You Desire


 Do you want to live a fully vibrant life with abundant energy, purpose and joy?

Are you tired of imagining your perfect reality but find yourself only making half-hearted attempts to commit to it?

Is now the perfect time to align your life’s desires, ambitions and dreams?


20140417-IMG_7046 by Beyoutiful photography_Hello! My name is Ania Nowicki and I am The Gateway Coach. I will help guide you through your Gateway and into the life that you are yearning to live.

As a trained and experienced coach, I love helping passionate people push their fears aside and learn how to restore (or develop!) their self-belief so that they can live abundantly and authentically.

I call this, “Moving through your Gateway.”

Gateway /ˈgeɪtweɪ/ – noun
A watershed moment; a trial, challenge, obstacle or obstruction that opens up the opportunity for a person to live a more fulfilling and aligned life.


As your personal Gateway Coach, I will get to know you like a good friend and do my best to professionally support you through every hurdle. I will help you silence the gremlins in your mind (we all have them), be your greatest fan and challenge you to become the best version of yourself.

Some of the things I do to help my clients include…

  • Get your mojo back: understand what you want out of life and feel supported all the way to the finish line. (What does “fulfillment” mean to you?)
  • Get out of your own way: you always have “reasons” for why things don’t get done, even though you feel you’re clear about what you want in life – but it always feels just out of reach. We’ll put it right in your hand.
  • Shake up your business: discover what’s stopping you from having the success and fulfillment in business that you’re striving for, and finally make it happen. (Financial freedom and making a difference in the world, here we come!)
  • Shine brighter: Let the world see you for the glorious human being that you are! (And you are!)

My mission is to leave you with the self-awareness, tools and confidence to move through your Gateway and into your rewarding new life.

 The journey through your Gateway may at first feel unclear and confusing.

 In my life, it took me over a decade to discover how to harness my gifts and what I needed to feel fulfilled in life.

Why it took me so many years to pass through my Gateway moments was why I have become a coach today: because recognising your Gateway is only one half of the battle—the other, is moving through it!

In my own life, I needed support of others and firm positive actions to get me through my Gateways and into the life that I now love.

With help and guidance from people who I trusted, I started to clearly see – for the first time – what was going on and what I was doing to myself.

Today, I am this humble guide and Gateway Coach to clients across the globe and many professions, including housewives, entrepreneurs, journalists, investment bankers, teachers and even dentists! I have had the privilege of seeing them blossom and start living their lives with purpose, great satisfaction and fulfillment.

 The life you want to live is closer than you think. I’m here to help you get there.

 I now encourage you to be courageous on your own behalf and live the life you deserve.

Find out what it means to work with me by clicking HERE.

“Ania, I just wanted to thank you, I burst into tears after speaking to you (happy tears!) I can’t believe how half an hour can have completely changed my perspective on myself and how I can now move forward – it feels such a relief to finally let go of the troubles of believing I’m not good at what I do. Thank you so, so much, I can’t express how much gratitude I feel.”
– Jessica Chapman, Entrepreneur, The Netherlands


Why is it so difficult to move into the life that you want to live?

We could all use some help pushing through our Gateways.


Many people want to live lives that are ambitious, aligned and full of purpose—but most don’t know how or where to begin.

That was me, once.

Some six years before I became The Gateway Coach, I began to believe that I was finally on the cusp of “having made it”. I was settled into a career that I was thoroughly enjoying and felt I was meant for. I was living in a beautiful part of London with “Mr. Perfect” and had marriage, babies and a “happily-ever-after” within grasp.

Then the carpet was pulled from under me.

In 2008, I was forced to leave the job I loved after being moved from a role where I thrived to one where I struggled.

My confidence plummeted. I felt like a failure! Eventually, I came to realise that I had been given the opportunity to explore my passions and do something I really wanted to do, rather than what I felt I should do. I became a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and in the process understood how much I had been letting my fears rule my life. Later, I also trained as a life coach through the Coach Training Institute.

With these major career changes, I passed through a Gateway and into a life of standing up for myself and my convictions. I began to actively make my own empowered life choices rather than being swayed by other people or passively accepting what was given to me.

Then, less than a year later, I ended my relationship with Mr. Perfect.

Undermined and manipulated for years, I was completely dis-empowered and, though in love, I was terrified of the man I was with.

I knew that I needed to end my relationship of over six years, despite the deep fear that I would end up alone.
Leaving Mr. Perfect was one of the scariest things I’d ever done—but, like my new coaching venture, leaving this unhealthy relationship was a Gateway into standing up for myself as a woman and a human being who deserved to be fully respected, honoured and adored by her life partner. Since then I’ve only had thoroughly rewarding relationships—including to this day with my love, Dion.

 Leaving Mr. Perfect was one of the most courageous acts of my life. Starting a third career from scratch was another. Every day I am immensely grateful for both.

My Gateway Moments helped me confront conflicts and struggles in my life, providing me with vital periods of soul-searching and personal growth. I explored what I wanted and needed and, through trial-and-error, learned what I wanted most from life, embracing my true talents.

This is what I want for you.

As your Gateway coach, I will help you not only see the Gateway before you but help you with the most difficult part of the journey towards the life you desire: moving through it, and emerging with grace and joy on the other side!

Find out more about what it means to work with me by clicking HERE.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear

Ambrose Redmoon

“During my time with Ania she helped me identify several barriers in my life that were holding me back from progressing professionally. Over the last 3 months I have seen my business improve alongside my personal life. Ania is very intuitive which is a very rare gift – she seems to know instinctively how to guide and empower you for future happiness and success. Everyone needs an Ania in their life!”
– Jennie Collinge, Entrepreneur, UK


Do your dreams and goals seem a distant reality?

Are you fed up with your own list of excuses?

Do you need personalised guidance and accountability toward positive action?

Are you tired of waiting to live the life you desire?

 Creating a new life multi-dimensional journey that can be tough all on your own. As your Gateway Coach, I am here to help you…

  • Intimately understand your nature, strengths and limitations.
  • Deal with the negative thoughts that lurk around your minds
  • Understand your true purpose in life.

When these vital elements find alignment, your desired future is already within reach.

 I am here to support and guide you through the Gateway of your new and amazing life.

Arrange your complimentary 30-minute taster session by clicking HERE.

We’ll have a short chat and get to know one another in a no pressure environment to understand your needs and see if working together feels like a great fit.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Signature BEST

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“I immediately felt a great rapport with Ania and sensed that she got me totally. I am now much more joyful, self-aware, confident, optimistic about my future and grateful for what I have (rather than focussing on what I don’t have). Ania, you hold up a mirror to me so I can see who I am and what I am capable of – you make me see that I am actually quite awesome! A very big thank you!”
– Mui Tsun, Website Wizard/Supermum/Entrepreneur, UK

“As my coach you are invaluable. You’ve given me the reigns on my own life and the belief that I can be myself.”
– Donna Watson, Supermum and Raw Food Specialist, UK

“ When I started working with Ania I realised how I was stopping myself from achieving my dreams by attaching to outdated stories I had about myself. Ania helped me to rediscover my voice in the way that I would like to share it with the world. What I liked best about working with Ania is her warm disposition and the fact that I could sense her integrity and a level of trust from our first call. She is naturally intuitive and insightful, tells it like it is and able to quickly cut to the heart of the matter. Thank you very very much for the time you spent with me, Ania. Your perspective has been huge in allowing me to take back my power and shine.”
– Ushmi Dosaja, NLP Coach, Germany

“Even after just a few sessions I’m starting to feel like a different person and feel a lot more future focused and positive about the changes/choices I can make to make me feel more content….so, Thank You!”
– Charlie Bath, Singer-Songwriter, UK

Get to know your coach: Fun facts about Ania Nowicki


  • My last name Nowicki is pronounced like Novitsky.
  • I split my time between London, UK and Holland.
  • I am a qualified Co-active Coach, certified Holistic Health Coach and  NLP practitioner.
  • I hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and my bachelors degree is in Hispanic Studies when I learnt Spanish and Portuguese – communication was always a great passion.
  • I speak seven languages (3 fluently) and have lived in five different countries in Europe.
  • Being born in London to Polish expats, having studied several languages and lived in different countries has given me the opportunity to experience different cultures and approaches to life.
  • Additionally, having overcome the instability and distress of childhood and lived through two significant personal tragedies has made me particularly open minded and accepting of the differences between people.  It’s what makes me a great Gateway coach!

P.S.Remember, you can find out about what it means to work with me by clicking HERE.

“Ania’s sensitive, refreshingly honest and profound approach to coaching has helped me to feel found. Thank you.”
– Maike Massute, London, UK

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